Grades K - 2: About Summer Reading

The following is a letter sent to the parents of new and returning Elementary School Students from JoAnne Norton, Media Specialist for Middleborough's Elementary Schools. For additional information or for clarification, please contact the School.

Dear Parents,

As you enjoy the summer with your children, please help them maintain their reading skills by sharing some good books with them. This list contains many suggestions of some of the best new and classic books. There are many others. Read about what interests you and your child. You are the most influential example in your child's life. If parents read for pleasure, children will too. Explore other subjects you may never have dreamed of reading. You may spark a lifelong interest for your child.

To help you select the right book for your child to read independently, I recommend using "the rule of thumb." Pick any one page of the book and have your child hold up a finger when he doesn't know a word. If he reaches his thumb (all five fingers raised) then the book may be more frustrating than enjoyable for him to read independently.

All of these titles can be found through the Middleborough Public Library. Miss Thayer and I coordinate titles each year and update the list to reflect the best new books. We are also including a schedule of activities at the Public Library this summer.

Thank you for your support and caring throughout the year. I hope you and your child have a wonderful summer!

JoAnne Norton
Media Specialist