May 2017

Manga Head

The Manga Minute

New titles, recommendations, and other facts you might like to know about our manga collection.

New Titles

Check out our recently-purchased manga titles located on the red Young Adult New Titles shelf in the Teen Area.


Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui

Assassination Classroom

The students in Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High have a new teacher: an alien octopus with bizarre powers and unlimited strength, who's just destroyed the moon and is threatening to destroy the earth--unless they can kill him first! Can a class of misfits defeat their alien teacher and somehow repair their tattered self-esteem in the process?  For ages 16+.

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The Last Man

The Last Man by Bastien Vives

People are puzzled when Richard Aldana, a mysterious stranger who smokes cigarettes and wears a leather jacket, arrives in a medieval realm and enrolls in the Games. While everyone else is casting spells and weaving tapestries, Aldana relies only on his martial arts prowess. He also befriends and protects a small boy for reasons as mysterious as his origins. Who is Aldana, really, and what is the ultimate purpose of this grueling gladiatorial contest?  For ages 16+.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess by Akira Himekawa

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Once upon a time, wizards tried to conquer the Sacred Realm of Hyrule. The Spirits of Light sealed the wizards' power within the Shadow Crystal and banished them to the Twilight Realm beyond the Mirror of Twilight. Now, an evil menace is trying to find Midna, princess of the Twilight Realm, and the fragments of the Shadow Crystal to gain the power to rule over both the Twilight Realm and the World of Light.  For ages 16+.

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Monthly Girls'' Nozaki-Kun

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun by Izumi Tsubaki

To the eyes of high school student Chiyo Sakura, classmate Umetarou Nozaki--brawny of build and brusque of tongue--is a dreamboat, and when she tries to tell him, she finds herself recruited as a manga-ka's assistant. But for someone who makes a living drawing sweet girly romances, Nozaki-kun is a little slow on the uptake when it comes to matters of the heart in reality. And so Chiyo's daily life of manga making and heartache begins!   For ages 13+.

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Series Update

The lastest volume releases in our manga series:

Tokyo Ghoul, vol. 13

    April release

  • Attack on Titan — vol. 21

    May release

  • My Hero Academia — vol. 8

    June releases

  • Kamisama Kiss — vol. 24
  • Seraph of the End — vol. 12
  • Tokyo Ghoul — vol. 13
  • Yona of the Dawn — vol. 6