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Ellie and her Bookies Book Club

This month’s selection is "The Days of Henry Thoreauby Walter Harding or anything written by or about Thoreau, including his essays. "Henry David Thoreau is generally remembered as the author of Walden and "Civil Disobedience," a recluse of the woods and political protester who once went to jail. To his contemporaries he was a minor disciple of Emerson; he has since joined the ranks of America's most respected and beloved writers. Few, however, really know the complexity of the man they revere — wanderer and scholar, naturalist and humorist, teacher and surveyor, abolitionist and poet, Transcendentalist and anthropologist, inventor and social critic, and, above all, individualist." -Amazon. Join the bookclub today and talk about this fantastic read. New members are always welcomed!

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Large Meeting Room