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Larry Dapsis

Deer Ticks: One Bite Can Change Your Life

Wednesday, May 11,   6:30 PM  

Did you know that Plymouth County has the third highest incidence of Lyme Disease in the Commonwealth? Do terms like Lyme Disease, Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis scare you? The good news is that tick-borne diseases are completely preventable. Join us for this important program presented by Middleborough resident Larry Dapsis, an entomologist who serves as the coordinator of the Deer Tick Project for the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. He'll review the basic life cycle and ecology of deer ticks as well as incidence rates and distribution of tick-borne illnesses. Dapsis will present a three-point plan on how to protect yourself, your yard, and your pets.

No Registration required for this free program.


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Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure

Tired of looking through dozens of travel magazines and countless Sunday newspaper travel sections to find a new place to visit in the Caribbean? Wish you could just do one quick search to find the best European vacations, off-road 4x4 spots in the country or organizations that sponsor mission trips for your grandkids that just might change their lives?
Try starting your search at the Library's Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure online guide. You can quickly and easily search multiple magazines and newspapers for vacation planning including: Caribbean Travel & Life; Back Roads Ireland; 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility; Conde Nast Traveler; and hundreds of others at one time.

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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Middleborough Public Library invites you to join us and read ...

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Studies have shown that young children who are read-to regularly can read and write their own names and count higher at an earlier age then children who were not. We know that reading is key to brain development, language skills, and building a vocabulary. Join our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program and share the joy of reading with your child.