Update on Library Services

Effective May 29th, the Governor rescinded the COVID-19 guidelines for public libraries.

Moving forward, vaccinated partons will not longer be required to wear a face covering. Unvaccinated patrons are strongly encouraged but not required to wear a face covering inside the Library. Nevertheless, social distancing will be required. Handi sanitizer and wipes will continue to be provided for patrons.

The following steps have been taken and further bring the Library back to normal operations:

  • You may now visit and stay in the Library without a time limit--except when we are closed of course. 
  • Public computers are now available for 1 hour with up to three 1-hour extensions--dependent on available computers.
  • You may also enjoy a book at one of our comfy chairs again.
  • For the summer, all programming will be outside or virtual. We are hoping to begin in-person programming after September.
  • Study rooms and the meeting rooms will be reservable after June 6th. The study rooms and the meeting rooms will have occupancy limits and will be available 1 hour after the last use.
  • Puppets are once again looking for some temporary homes. Unfortunately, the toys continue to want to be socially isolated.
  • Newspapers will soon be available for your browsing enjoyment.
  • The Children's garden will open in late June. 
  • The Friends' Bookstore will remain closed through Labor Day. 
  • Material donations are still not accepted. (However, we anticipate that might change over the summer.)
  • Curbside pickup service will end on June 5th. 
The COVID-19 pandemic remains a fluid situation. The Library will continue to monitor the situation and adjust services accordingly.