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Featured Titles - December 2023

The Chalice of the GodsThe Chalice of the Gods by Rick Riordan

In order to get the necessary three letters of recommendation from Mount Olympus for college, senior Percy Jackson must complete three quests--the first of which is to help Zeus' cup-bearer retrieve his goblet before it falls into the wrong hands.  Gr. 5+     


Check & Mate

Check & Mate by Dashka Slater

Inadvertently wiping the board with notorious “Kingkiller” Nolan Sawyer, which opens the door to sorely needed cash prizes to keep her family afloat, Mallory’s love for the game of chess rekindles, as do her feelings for her competitor, against her own best intentions.  Gr. 8+  

Curious Tides

Curious Tides by Pascale Lacelle

After a tragedy claims the lives of her classmates, sole survivor Emory is plagued by strange, impossible powers that would ruin her life if discovered as she searches for answers, leading her to a cult-like secret society she believes responsible for their deaths.  Grade 9+   


Her Radiant Curse

Her Radiant Curse by Elizabeth Lim

When her beautiful 17-year-old sister Vanna is to be auctioned off in a vulgar betrothal contest, Channi, who is cursed with a serpent's face, defends Vanna from the cruelest of suitors, unleashing an evil that could sever their bond forever.  Grade 7+

Shipwrecked!: Diving for Hidden Time Capsules on the Ocean Floor

Shipwrecked!: Diving for Hidden Time Capsules on the Ocean Floor by Martin W. Sandler

Combining new research and archival material, this deep dive into the world of marine archaeology brings to life some of the most interesting shipwrecks from history, showing what each discovery reveals about the world before our time.  Grade 5+ 

The Way I Am Now

The Way I Am Now by Amber Smith

(The Way I Used to Be, Book 2)   After publicly accusing her rapist, Eden reconnects with her high school boyfriend and feels it's the right time for them to make it work but wonders if their love can withstand a trial that will determine whether she gets the justice she deserves.  Grade 9+