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Self Care for Teens

Self Care for Teens

For the days when you need a break, or just want to treat yourself to some "me" time.

Websites - For times when the world may be too loud or busy, this is a great way to quiet things down. Rainy Mood plays calming rain sounds (the pitter patter of rain drops, a soft rolling thunder, wind blowing through the trees) to be a peaceful backdrop whether you're studying, trying to decompress for bed, or just want something on in the background.

Creativebug - If you just want a creative distraction or are just bored of Netflix, try out Creativebug. This site has art and craft video classes 

The Quiet Place Project - Need to disconnect? The Quiet Place Project is a short, 90 second mental exercise to help give you a break from social media, your cell phone, and anything else that is taking up headspace. It's quick, calming, and can help you to recharge and focus on living in the moment. - Do you need to calm down? This website can help, as it offers a guided session for meditation and relaxation to help you sleep better, manage anxiety, and stress less. It's also available as a mobile app.

For a more creative approach to stress relief, explore the meditative art form of Zentangle.   Check out these titles on how to draw Zentangle and borrow one from the library.

Want to focus better? Improve your balance and flexibility? Clear your mind? Try yoga - there are many free tutorial videos available online, or you check our SAILS catalog here for DVDs and books to harness your inner yogi. Also check out similar topics such as meditation and tai-chi.

Get outdoors! Go for a walk in a local park or check out the SAILS catalog here for more information about scenic trails for a hike.

Try journaling - our catalog offers many books on the subject here

If you find yourself looking for a boredom buster, the Middleborough Public Library offers many options to branch out and try something new. Stop by the Main Desk to borrow one of our circulating Dungeons and Dragons kits. Want to learn a new language? The library has that, too - check out our foreign language section located by the adult audio books (ask a staff member for help locating them if you have trouble). Our nonfiction stacks offer lots of options to explore as well for new hobbies, such as gardening or baking.