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Writing Poetry - Top Apps & Tips

Writing Poetry - Top Apps & Tips

Writing poetry is a way to express the hard-to-describe experiences of our lives and our innermost feelings and dreams.  Poetry can help us heal emotional pain, inspire others, and celebrate joyful moments.  Try creating your own poetry with the aid of these apps, sites, and suggestions.



HaikuJam (for Android) - "write together, feel better"; co-create haikus with others around the globe in this collaborative writing game

JotterPad (for Android) - plain text editor with customizable typography, word count, dictionaries, and ability to save to cloud storage and print to PDF format

Miraquill (formerly Mirakee) - write, edit, and copyright poetry; design visually stunning posts to share with others; and engage in writing challenges & prompts; for Android and iOS

Poet Assistantsolid, practical app that provides tools (rhyming dictionary, thesaurus) and the ability to read your poem to you; for Android and iOS

Poetizerwrite, read, share, and publish poetry within a social-media community of poem loving people; for Android and iOS

POETRY by the Poetry Foundation - mobile library of classic and contemporary poetry; organized by mood or category; searchable by author or line; for Android and iOS

Rhymer's Block (for iOS) -  take notes on the go, get real-time rhyme suggestions for any word--even slang, and share your work on a social network


    • Pick a subject you have experience with and are passionate about, or, take a look around you and write about what you see.
    • If you're not happy with your writing, start over.  The more you write, the better you get.  Try some writing exercises.
    • Let imagery help you to capture an emotion or moment.
    • Don't overthink your writing.  Let your true voice, unedited, have its say. 
    • Write with honesty.  Don't be afraid to express your deepest feelings.
    • Read lots of poetry and find inspiration from other poets. You can find more about the art of reading and writing poetry here.