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Mystery Lover's Book Club

This month, the group is discussing "Death in the Stocks" by Georgette Heyer. "A Moonlit Night, a Sleeping Village, and an Unaccountable Murder...In the dead of the night, a man in an evening dress is found murdered, locked in the stocks on the village green. Unfortunately for Superintendent Hannasyde, the deceased is Andrew Vereker, a man hated by nearly everyone, especially his odd and unhelpful family members. The Verekers are as eccentric as they are corrupt, and it will take all Hannasyde's skill at detection to determine who's telling the truth, and who is pointing him in the wrong direction. The question is: who in this family is clever enough to get away with murder?"-from Amazon.  Join us as we explore and discuss different mystery authors. Newcomers to the group are welcomed to attend!  





Event Location: 
Staff Room