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Whether you're going to school remotely, in person, or a bit of both, we're here to support you. 

You can:

  • Check out or place a hold on books
  • Download a free ebook or audiobook from OverDrive (here's how to do it)
  • Use our free databases that provide free journal, newspaper, and reference book articles and information
  • Try out free online services from the Boston Public Library -- like Hoopla and Kanopy (free movies!)  

Stop in or use our Curbside Pickup Service to borrow books, movies, video games, and more.

Need a library card or replacement card?  Here's what you need to do.


Families with preschoolers can explore the room by clicking, listening, and following the prompts.  Check back for new themes and activities.  Click on the room below to begin.

Ways You Can Make a Difference 

It's never too early to become engaged within your community and involved with the issues that matter to you.  Here are some resources that can help you evaluate news sources, volunteer, register to vote, participate in local, state, and national elections, and more.

Voting Resources:

Check these websites out to learn how to register to vote or check your registration status, how to request an absentee ballot or vote by mail, where to find your polling location, and other ways to get involved within the election process:

Rock the Vote  - This site offers a wide range of resources on the voting and registration processes, voting FAQs, how to educate yourself and your friends on how to get involved, and how to take action on issues facing your community.

Vote.org - Find tools to vote, election deadlines and dates, voting rules and regulations, how to become a poll worker, and more.

Mass.gov - Make your voice heard. Learn how to register to vote, find your polling place, and more.

Middleborough Election & Voter Information - Learn how the election process works within the town of Middleborough and how to participate within local elections.

YouthVoterMovement.org - A nonpartisan effort to promote youth voting - learn how to spread the word and get your friends engaged in the voting process.


Evaluating News Sources

The most effective way to bring about change is to know your issue from every angle, and to do that you need to get the facts.  With so much information online, how do you know what is true and what is fake?  Here are some sites that can help you sort misinformation from factual evidence.

Rutgers Evaluating News Resources - This guide through Rutgers Univeristy covers how to evaluate news sources, identify misinformation & disinformation, recognize fake news and clickbait articles, and how to fact check sources that you may be unsure about.

PolitiFact - This fact-checking website covers statements and quotes from elected officials, political commentators, and more and evaluates the accuracy of them through their "Truth-o-Meter".

Snopes - Heard a story that seems too good (or strange) to be true? Check the validity of it through this site, which covers common urban legends and stories gone viral, and gives a verdict on if it's fact or fiction.

Reverse Image Search - Did a friend share a shocking image on Facebook, but you're not quite sure where it came from or if it's current, or perhaps even been photoshopped? Try Google's "Reverse Image Search" feature - simply upload the image to see other posts in which it has been shared or used in the past, to determine the truthfulness of that meme.


Get Involved Within Your Community

Youth Activism Project - This organization helps to empower youth to become activists and leaders, and supports them on their journey to be engaged with the issues that are important to them, They offer online training and workshops about activism for teens, provide support to budding activists, and offer many resources on how to get involved within their community.

Contact Your Elected Officials - This usa.gov resource provides links to help you get in contact with your elected officials so you can contact your representatives to let them know about what matters to you, and how they can make sure your voice is heard.

Do Something - This non-profit seeks to encourage youth to achieve the change they want to see in the world by participating in campaigns that matter to them, and also to apply for scholarships along the way.

Finding yourself homeschooling for the first time?  Still considering homeschooling as an option?  Register for this FREE, online event and connect with families like yours.

Getting Started Homeschooling

Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

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